Blue Hawk Buying Group

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BLUE HAWK was formed in May 2005 to maximize the strength of independent HVACR distributors throughout the United States. BLUE HAWK members, such as Design Air, distribute a wide range of HVACR related products to the residential and commercial construction trades.

BLUE HAWK was established to ensure the survival and growth of the Independent HVACR Distributor. The existence of BLUE HAWK allows independent businesses to use their combined purchasing power to attain competitive pricing for the goods and services they use. At a time when the relentless expansion of manufacturer owned distributor networks and large corporation-owned distributor chains is intensifying, independently owned operations have turned to BLUE HAWK to help level the playing field with these large competitors.

Design Air benefits from far more than purchasing power alone. We benefit from other services available through cooperative membership such as improved marketing channels, public relations, lobbying efforts, educational and training programs, networking opportunities, sharing of 'best business practices' and technology support.

BLUE HAWK benefits Design Air and Our Customers

By combining our purchasing power with other distributors and partnering with BLUE HAWK vendors, we can guarantee high-quality products, competitive pricing, and mutual profitability to our customers.